Cris Molina

Photographer/ Creative Director

Photographer and creative director, Cris Molina, has been helping individuals and businesses worldwide seeking his expertise. For nearly three decades, his organic approach to controlling light, vision for reimagining and reinventing a space, and ability to evoke the spirit of his subject matter has led to his success. Molina’s flair for capturing the essence of any single moment in time is unmistakable when examining his compelling three-dimensional imagery.

Molina thrived on location and was gifted with the innate ability to shoot various mediums from advertising and architecture to fashion and travel. He has lived in Argentina, Puerto Rico, and eventually settled in Istanbul, a country he called his second home: and toured Europe photographing catalogs and shooting ads for various European markets.

Molina founded The Photographer’s Gallery in Washington DC, where he continues to serve as Director. He currently lives between Washington DC and Miami.