Cris Molina

Photographer/ Creative Director

Cris Molina is a Chilean-born, award-winning photographer and creative director.

“His stylized photographs feature timeless glamour and intense drama achieved by his signature lighting style. Molina’s understanding and respect for architectural angles have made his company one of the hospitality world’s sought-after…” Hugo Plaza, Gavina Hotel.

Molina specializes in the hotel industry and luxury lifestyle retail brands. 

Multinational corporations seek his creative Director’s expertise. 

His esthetic sense is present in every detail of each set decor, in the fashion, natural poses of the models and their expressions, and how their clothes fit.

His lighting technique is exquisite; you will be mesmerized by the effects and the all-natural approach.

Cris has realized a body of work as a creative director, art collaborator, gallery founder, branding consultant, and entrepreneur alongside his artistic practice. He founded The Photographer’s Gallery in Washington, DC, where he serves as Director. Molina resides in Miami, Florida, where he continues to immerse himself in his relentless work.